3. The Inconvenient Truth For Santa Claus

For most British, Americans and Canadians, the Christmas fable states that Santa Claus “is commonly portrayed as living at the North Pole”. The North Pole has been covered in ice for 700,000 years. The North Pole is expected to melt by the year 2050.

Therefore, our children’s children we will need to hear an adapted Santa Claus fable that moves him to Lapland (where the French say he lives), or provides him with an Noah-type Ark, or includes information on his ability to tread water with his reindeer and elves (illustrated below).

Santa after the North Pole melt, forecast to occur by 2050
Illustration of Santa, Rudolf and an elf treading water near the North Pole, where they are fabled to live. The North Pole is forecast to melt by 2050. © Fixmaps.org, 2015.

Let’s fix maps

Signing our petition to urge Google to show Arctic sea ice on maps will help educate the world on the destruction of the Arctic, and reverse the melt before it’s too late.




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